Family Mediation Services

Mediation is a very versatile and flexible legal process which supports participants in communicating effectively about matters which may be in dispute without the need for contentious litigation or court proceedings.  In short, Mediation involves a process whereby meetings are held between participants with a Mediator (either directly together, or with the Mediator shuttling between the parties) in the office or through remote video appointments to discuss arrangements and come to agreements.

In terms of the process, this can start with one or both parties making contact with a mediator to arrange an initial appointment, called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).  This is a one-to-one appointment for each party with the mediator to discuss the process, and consider whether mediation might be suitable for the parties.

If mediation is to proceed, we then move towards the joint sessions (whether these are attended together, or as a shuttle session) and the parties enter into the Agreement to Mediate.

It is a voluntary, formal process, which can improve communications at a difficult time, and can be more cost-effective than negotiation between solicitors.  We can tailor process to your needs, including the duration, frequency and number of sessions, and also the range of topics you would like to discuss.There are a really wide range of areas that are open for us to review. Every case is different, the pace, frequency, duration of sessions, and topics to be discussed, however it is common for 3-6 sessions to be undertaken.

If you’d like to speak with regards to our mediation service, please contact us on 01323 819519 or by email to

Mediation Fees
Overall, the resolution of cases through mediation is often much more cost-effective for parties. To be fully transparent about our charges, we’ve set out a schedule of fees below. These can be shared between the parties jointly, or apportioned otherwise by agreement between the parties.
Initial Mediation Appointment
(sole appointment – called a MIAM – Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) which lasts 30-45 minutes
£100 plus VAT (at 20%)
ID checks on intake – required per party £5 plus VAT (at 20%)
Preparation and providing you with certificate as to completion of MIAM (for court application) £30 plus VAT (at 20%)
Mediation Sessions (joint or shuttle)
60 minutes
90 minutes
£250 plus VAT (at 20%)
£350 plus VAT (at 20%)
Facilitating exchange of Financial Disclosure (per party) £250 plus VAT (at 20%)
Hourly rate for any substantive correspondence £250 plus VAT (at 20%)
Preparation of Mediation Documents
Open Financial Summary £450 – 550 plus VAT (at 20%)
Memorandum of Understanding £500 – 750 plus VAT (at 20%)
Parenting Plan or Parenting Agreement £550 – 750 plus VAT (at 20%)

Many thanks Laura for everything. You were instrumental in helping us to get to a harmonious and calm place with resolutions for the future

Family Law client of Laura Sherlock and Claire Tennant,