Debt Recovery – Pricing

If you have an undisputed invoice which is unpaid, then we can assist you in recovering payment using a simple fixed fee service.

The first step is for us to take your instructions, review the paperwork and prepare a pre action letter to the debtor. We offer a fixed fee for this service of £150 + VAT (at 20%).

If the letter before action does not recover payment, the second step is to issue court proceedings. For most simple undisputed invoice claims, our fee will be £300 + VAT (at 20%) to prepare and issue proceedings.

In addition, there will be a court fee payable to the court to issue the claim. The court fee varies depending on the level of the debt and the following link shows the current court fee levels:

Once the claim has been issued and served, the debtor will get 14 days to acknowledge the claim and a further 14 days to file a Defence. If the matter is defended, we will need to discuss the merit of the Defence with you and the matter is then likely to be dealt with based upon our litigation hourly rate of £200 + VAT (at 20%) thereafter.

If the claim is not defended, we will apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the debtor for the sums owed and the fixed costs permitted by the Court.

Once we have secured a CCJ, we can advise you on the best options for enforcement of the Judgment to secure payment. There are many options offered via the court and we can offer you a fixed fee for each option based upon which is most likely to secure payment from the debtor.
If you need to discuss our debt recovery service, please contact Russell Dean on 0208 843 7567.